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A novel algorithm for the reconstruction of an entrance beam fluence from treatment exit patient portal dosimetry images

A novel algorithm for the reconstruction of an entrance beam fluence from treatment exit patient portal dosimetry images
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Figures
List of Equations
Radiation 1 Therapy
1.1 Modern Linear Accelerator (Linac)
1.1.1 MultiLeaf Collimator (MLC)
1.2 Intensity Modulated RadioTherapy (IMRT)
1.2.1 IMRT Quality Assurance (QA)
2 Monte Carlo
2.1 Monte Carlo codes
2.1.1 MCNP5
2.1.2 BEAMnrc
2.2 Variance Reduction Techniques
2.2.1 MCNP5
2.2.2 BEAMnrc
3 Cluster Design
3.1 Parallelization considerations
3.2 The Two Clusters
3.2.1 Torque Cluster
3.2.2 Blade Cluster
3.3 TORQUE Resource Manager
3.4 Custom Code Modifications
4 Accelerator Model Creation
4.1 Component Module Sequence
4.2 Simulation Input Parameters
4.2.1 Accelerator Head Model
4.2.2 Cylindrical Phantom
4.2.3 Air Slab
4.3 Phase space file format
5 Virtual Electronic Portal Image Device (vEPID)
5.1 vEPID Detector Deconvolution
5.1.1 Deconvolution Parameter Fitting
6 Parameter Space construction
Fluence 7 Calculation
8 Fluence Solver
8.1 Derivative calculation function
8.2 Initial Guess Calculation
8.3 Fluence Solver Program Design
9 Results
10 Conclusion
Appendix A Live-Build Customizations
A.1 auto/build
A.2 auto/config
A.3 auto/clean
A.4 auto/chroot_local-preseed/nis.cfg
A.5 auto/chroot_local-packagelists/blade_live.lst
A.6 auto/chroot_local-includes/etc/ganglia/conf.d/hpasmcli.pyconf
A.7 auto/chroot_local-includes/etc/ganglia/conf.d/modpython.conf
A.8 auto/chroot_local-includes/etc/ganglia/gmond.conf
A.9 auto/chroot_local-includes/etc/init.d/nfsswap
A.10 auto/chroot_local-includes/lib/live/config/001-hostname
A.11 auto/chroot_local-includes/usr/lib/ganglia/python_modules/hpasmcli.py
A.12 auto/chroot_local-hooks/blcr-dkms.chroot
A.13 auto/chroot_local-hooks/nfsswap.chroot
A.14 auto/chroot_apt/preferences
EGSnrc & Appendix B BEAMnrc Modifications
B.1 EGSnrc unified diff
B.2 BEAMnrc unified diff
Appendix C Accelerator Model Input Files
C.1 6MVmohan_tomylar_10x10.egsinp
C.2 cylinder_imrt.egsinp
Appendix D Ancillary Phase Space Tools
D.1 phsp_fix.c
D.2 set_latch.py
D.3 phsp_set_latch.c
Appendix E Virtual EPID Characterization
E.1 BEAM_6MVmohan_tomylar_20x20_Epid.egsinp
E.2 EPID_20x20.egsinp
E.3 bin_fluence.py
E.4 bin_fluence_at60.py
E.5 bin_3ddose.py
E.6 combine_hist.py
E.7 hist_deconvolution.py
E.8 deconv_param_solver.py
Fluence Appendix F Calculation Tools
F.1 create_deconv_parameter_space.py
F.2 ll_create_deconv_param_space.py
F.3 fluence_convolution.py
F.4 ll_fluence_convolution.py
F.5 fluence_solver.py
F.6 mpi_fluence_solver.py
Appendix G Ancilary Utility Functions
G.1 rtp2mlc\script.sh
G.2 rtp2mlc\templates\beam.templat
G.3 rtp2mlc\templates\cp.template
G.4 utils.py
G.5 disp_binned.py
G.6 disp_binned_dcparam.py
G.7 disp_binned_fl.py
G.8 combine_phsp_using_beamdp.sh
G.9 dest_combine_phsp_using_beamdp.sh 

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